Plumbing Maintenance Agreement

  • Why should I have a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement
    We know that our satisfied customers have been, and will continue to be the secret to our success. We also believe that our Plumbing Maintenance Agreement is the best way for us to keep our customers satisfied. The purpose of this program is to offer you preferred treatment and save you money.

    We actually designed our PMA to meet many of our homeowners requests to aid them in monitoring their plumbing system. Our PMA is a program that provides you with a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing. From faucets to fixtures, and shut-off valves to drains, our professional plumbers will inspect almost every component of your plumbing system. We then give you a detailed report describing where potential problems lie.

    Why customers lose without a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement?
    •Pays higher fuel and/or water bill
    •Must replace water heater, faucets, and fixtures sooner
    •Can’t get a plumber when they need to
    •Uncomfortable without hot water
    •Pays higher costs for plumbing work

    Why have people not purchased agreements in the past?
    •Too complicated (don’t understand the benefits)
    •Looks "legal", therefore too scary.
    •Don’t believe there is any real savings.
    •Simply have not been offered the opportunity to buy.

    Give yourself peace of mind knowing your system is operating safely and efficiently.

    Once a year, our plumbers will:
    •Check all inside faucets for leaks
    •Check outside lawn faucets for leaks
    •Check exposed under-counter drain pipes for leaks
    •Check exposed hot & cold faucet water supply lines
    •Check your toilets for leaks and flushing action
    •Check temperature & pressure safety relief valve on the water heaters
    •Check for water leaks on water heaters
    •Check the temperature & pressure relief valve on the water heaters
    •Check the thermostat operation on the water heaters
    •Check for gas leaks on gas water heaters

    You will also receive:

    Priority Service
    As a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement customer, you will receive priority service when scheduling.

    Extra 10% Discount
    As a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement customer, you will also receive an additional 10% discount off of your total invoice. This is in addition to the 10% discount for showing us our magnet. That's a total savings of 20% off your total invoice using the combination of your magnet and your PMA. (cannot be used in addition to any other offers or coupons)

    Begin Saving Today! To take advantage of the PMA benefits offered, simply fill out the Plumbing Maintenance Agreement form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

    Plumbing Maintenance Agreement Request Form

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    Simply contact Ernie's Plumbing Service, Inc., by phone or by emailing your request from the Request Services page listed above. Then simply leave the rest to us. We will call you to schedule your annual check and provide you with a trained and qualified service professional.